Online Quote From Point     A  ................ TO ........................  B

     Book Online If You Wish - Get 25% Discount.


All Reservations must be done online and it will be confirmed within 24 hours .

* Please read carfully How you check the rate from point A to point B online and book if you wish.
1-New Reservation [ Its online quote and reservation if you wish to reserve after you check the rate].
2-Pick up date and Pick up time [Date and Time you need to be picked up ].
3-Pick Up Address [Type your pick up address and choose it from the dropdown [Do Not Copy and Paste The Address].
4-Drop Off Address [Type your drop off address and choose it from the dropdown [Do Not Copy and Paste The Address].
   Drop Off Address must be different than the Pick Up Address,Option for round trip  available next step
   after you start booking one way.Credit Card Required To Resrve.

5-Inter the number of passengers .
6-Click show rate .The system will show you all the vehicles available with the rate for one way - All Inclusive Except the following,
   - Stops, $50.00/Stop Or More It Depend Where You Stop. 2 Stops Free  By The Service Area.
   - Waiting Time, Will Be Collected Cash By The Driver If You Late Than 15 Minutes.
   - Car Seat, $15.00/One Will Be Add It Before We Confirm Your Reservation. 

Your online reservation CANNOT be considered FINAL or CONFIRMED until it is approved by one of our representatives,Before we confirm it an email notification will be sent to you to confirm it.After we approved it  Another email notification will be sent to the address you provided once this reservation is APPROVED.
Total amount will be charge after you reserve and before we confirm your reservation.  

Cheapest Limo Service To / From Atlantic City ,
Here  at we are focused on Limos to and from Atlantic City New Jersey. We can pick you up anywhere in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania. We have frequent specials that you might want to take advantage of. These specials are limited by time and quantity.  For instance, we might have a special price for a particular day at a particular time. This special will also automatically be void once we have a customer who picks the special.